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Established in 1904, Víctor Paullier & Cia is the brokerage firm having the most renowned performance in Uruguay.

A century of experience in the business turns our firm into one of the most important financial agents in Uruguay. Always working to give independent and solid advice, and anticipating the needs of each time, through a constant development and adaptation of the infrastructure.

Victor Paullier Barruetabeña Fundador

Victor Paullier Barruetabeña

Victor Paullier Carvalho Segunda Generación

Victor Paullier Carvalho

Victor Paullier Martínez Tercera generación

Victor Paullier Martínez

Victor Paullier Pereira Cuarta generación

Victor Paullier Pereira


Víctor Paullier & Cia. was founded on March 26th 1904 in Uruguay by Mr. Víctor Paullier Barruetabeña, a young man of French origin, at a time when our Country was emerging from a period of political confrontations. It overcame with success the crisis of the first half of the 20th century, particularly de Crash of 1929 which had strong repercussions in Uruguay, strengthening its philosophy based on prudence and on diversified saving of financial assets.
In the late 50’s, when Uruguay went through one of its most prosperous financial times, in an effort to become international the firm seals its first strategic alliance in Europe with Banca Foglia in Milan, Italy. Víctor Paullier Martínez, father of the current Director, was responsible for developing this new activity. From that moment on, much experience has been acquired under different financial and political circumstances it had to go through, but always focusing on its main purpose: giving its Clients full advice regarding all their financial needs, with greatest honesty and confidentiality, abiding always to all ethical regulations and bound by the professional secrecy.

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